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Petbrick And Deafkids Team On New Track “Sweat-Drenched Wreck”


Petbrick (ex-Sepultura) and Deafkids have released a new track from their forthcoming collaborative album, “Deafbrick“. That song is titled “Sweat-Drenched Wreck” and you can find a video for it below. “Deafbrick” will be out on September 04th via Neurot Recordings/Rocket Recordings. Petbrick said of this track:

“This particular tune came from an amalgamation of quite a few strange percussive approaches from Iggor [Cavalera] and Marian [Sarine, Deafkids drummer]. Iggor built this excellent pair of drum sticks that was attached together with a coat hanger and a load of gaffer tape, so that he could play a weird 16-beat almost shuffled drum and bass pattern on the hi-hat with one hand.

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Marian played with his hands on the snare drum as an overdub, so you get a weird percussive element from the snare pattern, Then we dug deep into Douglas‘ [Leal, Deafkids frontman] dub influences. Also the guitar hook almost has a cool eastern feel to it, so this track really was a mental smashing together of a lot of different, super creative approaches. I love this tune because of this, you can hear each person’s personality coexisting in a beautiful harmony.”

[via Revolver]