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Tooth And Claw (Earth Crisis, Etc.) Debut First Single “Kiss Of Night”


Tooth And Claw have released their debut single, “Kiss Of Night“. The track premiered via Decibel, who are also running a new interview with the outfit, who formed during the COVID-19 pandemic downtime. Speaking of the track, frontman Daniel Austin commented:

“Lyrically, ‘Kiss Of Night‘ is about rites of initiation, particularly for young men, but not necessarily just for young men. I just know the audience for aggressive music is overwhelmingly male, and I’m a male, so I figure I don’t have the knowledge or reach to speak of the female experience regarding these things.

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The masculine or feminine dynamic isn’t as important as the process of individuation that I’m singing about in this one–going through the dark, painful, and difficult experiences that bring you into adulthood, as a self-sufficient, self-sustaining individual. It’s a lot like Batman being forced to go into the cave and face his greatest fears, or very much like how in many indigenous tribes, adolescent boys would be taken from their beds at night and cast out into the wilderness by the village elders.

The boy would have to learn to fend for himself in the wild, and if he survived to make it back to the village, he was no longer allowed to live among the children and women as before. From then on he had to assume roles of defense and food gathering for the tribe. There was no going back to the comfort known as a child.

From a modern perspective, this sounds cruel and unjust to do to a child, but given how many people we all know who waste their lives playing video games, riddled by social, economic, and sexual anxiety (and the way everyone’s anxieties seem to be mounting and compounding), I figured romanticizing a return to a more brutish, self-sufficient nature, especially for young men, might be a welcomed discussion these days.

The older I get, the more I think there was at least some wisdom in the perceived cruelty and harshness of older men. Personally, I have had these kinds of epiphanies with my own father, and drawing from his experience has helped me get through some recent dark patches in my own life. ‘Kiss Of Night‘ is about going through the darkness to emerge as a better, more complete self.”

If you’re unaware, the group’s lineup runs as follows:

Vocals: Daniel Austin (Die Young)
Guitars: Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, Sect, Path of Resistance)
Bass: James Chang (Undying, Sect, Catharsis)
Drums: Cameron Joplin (Magnitude, Ecostrike)