Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda Has Already Finished The Second Volume Of His ‘Dropped Frames’ Releases


Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda is planning at least three volumes for his Dropped Frames series of albums. Shinoda created the material for the largely instrumental series of releases while livestreaming on Twitch. The first in the series, ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 1‘, saw a release this past Friday, July 10th. Several fans were invited via an open call on social media to take part in the single “Open Door” and subsequently appear on the record as a result.

Speaking to, Shinoda confirmed that the direct follow-up to the first volume is already done with the third still in progress. He commented:

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“These albums, ‘Dropped Frames‘ is gonna be the first of at least three. I’ve got the second one done and the third one is in progress. And I say in progress, basically it’s just tightening up and mixing stuff that I made on the stream. But certainly it’s a thing I wouldn’t have done unless I was in this situation that I’m in right now.

It’s also funny cause it’s clearly not for everybody. Instrumental music is not your way to the Billboard top five (laughs). But anybody who knows my discography knows I’ve done instrumentals often, on every record, every couple of records there [are] instrumental tracks.

A few different instrumental pieces that have gone to film and TV as well. I feel like there is a poetry to the instrumental that it leaves an openness to interpretation in terms of the content that is a lot of fun. And I haven’t ever done that before on a full-length album.”

Shinoda also has an aggressive release schedule in mind for the series, later offering, “I’m trying to get them out a month apart from each other.”

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