Ghoul Release “The Nectarnomicon”


Ghoul have released a ‘new’ single titled “The Nectarnomicon“. The band’s guitarist/vocalist Digestor commented of the track, “Huh? We recorded that like four years ago. It’s just coming out now?!”. The song was originally recorded around 2015/2016 with the band’s camp further commenting of it:

‘After the onslaught of Abominox on their town of Creepsylvania, Fermentor of Ghoul remembers his lowly origins as a slave at vineyard. There, under the heel of a cruel and depraved vintner, he first encountered the unholy book from whence Abominox and his ilk, the Mouldy Ones, gained a foothold in our dimension. It also had some sweet recipes for home brew. Could the Nectarnomicon be their savior? Does the world have a lifeline? Will he remember to tell the other Ghouls after he sobers up?’

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You can find it via Bandcamp.