The Number Twelve Looks Like YouKaren Jerzyk

The Number Twelve Looks Like You To Give “An Inch Of Gold For An Inch Of Time” Its First Vinyl Release


The Number Twelve Looks Like You will be putting out their 2005 EP “An Inch Of Gold For An Inch Of Time” on vinyl for the first time ever this year. It is expected to ship around October 01st and can be pre-ordered now via Bandcamp. The band commented of that:

“Right after we released our first album, “Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses”, we went on our first tour and were blown away by the turnouts each night. We knew we had to get back home to create another album. During the longer interim of writing “Nuclear.Sad.Nuclear“, it felt like we needed to put something else out there so people didn’t think we disappeared.

That’s when the idea emerged of putting an EP prior to the upcoming full length to hold everyone over. Re-record some of our popular songs from POYRRG and tease some unreleased new tunes from NSN. SOLID IDEA. Then one day, Jesse & Alexis were sitting around flicking through music videos on tv while in the middle of writing when “My Sharona” by The Knack came on.

Jokingly we started riffing around, “Oh my little pretty one, my pretty one”, with our #12 twist and it was obvious we HAD to cover this banger to add to this collection we called “An Inch of Gold For An Inch of Time.”

We are happy and proud to announce the first ever vinyl pressing of this EP on 4 different variants! 150 copies of 150g Black vinyl, 100 on Metallic Gold vinyl, 100 on Transparent Clear Vinyl, and 20 Extremely limited copies on Wax Mage Ink Splatter. All of these will be Sequentially Numbered on Gold Foil. Updated original artwork by Karen Jerzyk. Thank you for the continued support throughout all these years.”

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