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Code Orange Speak On Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Their Road Crew Member


This past week, Homewrecker guitarist/vocalist Matt Barnum was called out for sexual misconduct by a number of women who alleged to be underage at the time, leading to the band to be dropped by their label Good Fight Music.

Barnum also had a longstanding relationship with Code Orange, handling the merch sales and serving as a frequent member of their road crew, in addition to assisting them with early show bookings. Code Orange guitarist Reba Meyers commented on the allegations brought against Barnum in a new post shared via social media, offering the below statement:

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“We’ve become aware that a crewmember of ours, matt, was acting with horrible disrespect and misogyny towards women for many years. I am so disappointed and so saddened by it I can’t by any means even begin to express that in words. I don’t have the words just this painful feeling.

I am so sorry to the women affected by this. It really hurts me how society allows this dynamic to happen time and time again. The standard is so low and I’ve seen and known that for a long time. And it’s only become even easier with social media to act without thought or regard to how your words will affect others.

All I can do now is send whatever strength I have to you all affected and hope you are able to get through I will continue to attempt to be a symbol towards our strength as best as I can, and learn how to better deal with this.

i will work to be as aware as possible of the women around me and their pain and try to pay as close attention to you all and support you as best I can from the perspective I have.

This type of behavior has always baffled me and disgusted me. To the women hurt by his actions, or actions in this vein by anyone towards you or your friends, I hope you are somehow able to work through this struggle and find meaningful balanced relationships in spite of it. You truly deserve that.

I’m sure you’re hurting much worse than I and my band and myself send you all the love we have.

Our next ‘you and you alone’ episode proceeds will be donated to the RAINN charity”

Sharing her statement, Code Orange‘s frontman Jami Morgan stated:

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