Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale Fire Bassist Daniel Curcio Following Allegations Of Misconduct


Palaye Royale have parted ways with their bassist Daniel Curcio following allegations of inappropriate conduct regarding his online interactions with underage fans having emerged on Twitter. The band issued the following statement on the matter yesterday, June 10th.

“Please note; Daniel Curcio no longer works for Palaye Royale.”

Palaye Royale have always been the three members. We are extremely disappointed in the actions of one of our touring musicians.

His decisions are not in any way a reflection on us, we have worked our whole lives to achieve where we are today.

Under no circumstances will we allow misconduct to anyone especially our fans; safety is our number one priority.”

In addition to touring with the band since 2018, Curcio also had writing credits on several songs from the band’s past few releases. He does not appear to have publicly addressed the allegations as of yet.

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