Emmure Fit Roughly A Dozen Band Names Into The Lyrics For Their New Song “I’ve Scene God”


Emmure‘s new single “I’ve Scene God” went up online tonight and can be streamed below. The track will appear on the band’s forthcoming album “Hindsight“, out July 24th on SharpTune Records. Interestingly, the song drops the names of numerous scene bands and seemingly alludes to various others within the lyrics. An excerpt from it runs as follows:

‘Say you stick to your guns
But you stray from the path
Not a killa like attila
When you feel my fucking wrath
Broken teeth get knocked loose
When I get nasty
Murder thy art
When I’m stepping on a track, see
Nails in the coffin
Ice in my vein
Pass me the crown
So fit for a king
See, you can be next
Yeah, you can be the one
But you’ll never be me
So you’ll never be God”‘

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