Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson Settles Born Of Osiris Royalty Dispute With Sumerian Records


Guitarist Jason Richardson hasn’t exactly had a rosy relationship with his former band Born Of Osiris. Just this past January a dispute between him and the outfit spilled over onto social media. That particular blowout ended with Born Of Osiris blocking him on Twitter.

That animosity between the two parties is nothing new. After being fired from the group back in late 2011, Richardson let loose on his ex-bandmates, calling them out on alleged excessive drug and alcohol abuse. Those strained relations were apparently heightened over the years by Richardson‘s alleged lack of royalties during the past nine years for his work on Born Of Osiris‘ 2011 release, “The Discovery“.

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While it’s unclear if Richardson and the band will ever bury the hatchet, it would appear that Richardson has finally been compensated for his week by Born Of Osiris‘ label, Sumerian Records. However, according to Richardson, that resolution was reached with the aid of litigation.

He took to social media today, May 23rd, to share the following:

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