Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Says A “Morning View” 20th Anniversary Tour “Would Be So Much Fun To Do”


Incubus spent a good chunk of 2019 touring in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their 2x multi-platinum 1999 album “Make Yourself“. They even had intentions to play some more shows for it this year until COVID-19 derailed their plans for the time being.

With 2021 set to mark the 20th anniversary of that album’s 2001 follow-up, the 2x multi-platinum “Morning View“, the band were recently asked by Spin if they have plans to celebrate that latter album as well.

The band’s frontman Brandon Boyd responded:

“That would be so much fun to do a ‘Morning View‘ reunion tour. I think we did it once, didn’t we? At that La Brea arts space? Didn’t we do ‘Morning View‘ all the way through that one time? [The group murmurs “yes.”]

What was awesome for me about ‘Make Yourself‘ and playing it through 40-something times … There were so many things that were cool about it, but not the least of which is that it was fun every single night to play that album from front to back. And we have other albums we’ve written that aren’t as much fun to play from front to back.

There are certain songs, like, “Ugh, God, here we go with this one.” It’s pretty great that we made something 20-plus years ago that’s still enjoyable to perform. And then obviously I think it goes without saying that it’s pretty amazing to take that experience to so many different places and have the audience be just as happy about hearing a record that’s 20-plus years old and being really stoked to have that experience with us. It can’t be overstated enough. It was a really, really special thing…”

Incubus, 311 and Badflower have plans to tour North America together this summer on a run set to carry them from July 15th to September 05th. With the COVID-19 pandemic having put a damper on the spring/summer touring plans of many, Incubus are also weighing the fate of that run.

The band’s guitarist Mike Einziger told the aforementioned publication of that trek:

“We haven’t announced anything or formally changed anything yet at this point. Because there are many factors and just elements to the situation that are very far beyond our control.

Our most important North Star is really safety, so if there’s any issue of safety — which there seems to be — that that’s going to take priority for us. But yeah, there are many moving parts. We’re kind of in a holding pattern to see what’s gonna happen, but we’ll make the decision that best suits us and our fans and the world. We definitely don’t want to pose any type of danger to people.”

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