Stone Sour's Josh Rand

Stone Sour’s Josh Rand Working On New Side Project


Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand has been working on a new project of his own amid the band’s current downtime. Speaking to ‘Behind The Vinyl‘, Rand commented of his progress:

“As of right now, I have 12 songs musically done. Right now I’m looking at vocalists — different vocalists.”

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“It definitely is different than what I think most people would expect. I decided if I was gonna do anything that I wanted it not to sound like Stone Sour ’cause it’s going to, to some degree. So, a lot of it, half of these songs… I started playing — I shouldn’t say I started playing piano.

I know how to edit a mini-piano, so I’m a great piano player now… But a lot of ’em are piano-based, and I’m running with it like that. And I’ve also started incorporating all these different instruments — all kinds of crazy percussion and stuff. ‘Cause I just wanted to have fun and be creative and not try to write the next ‘30/30-150‘ or have that pressure of trying to do that. So I’m just kind of running with it, and that’s where I’m at.”

Rand later went on to reveal that auditions for a singer to front the project have been underway lately with things to get more serious as the lineup solidifies. With Stone Sour‘s next album cycle likely to be impacted by Slipknot having to postpone much of their 2020 touring commitments, it would seem Rand should have ample time to hammer out this new venture.

[via Blabbermouth]

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