Myles And Layne Ulrich

Watch The Sons Of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Perform A Lively Cover Of The Beatles


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich‘s sons Myles (21) and Layne (18) recently covered The Beatles track “Eleanor Rigby” for their father’s appearance on Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff‘s livestream yesterday. Lars himself filmed the below footage of their take on the track.

Ulrich told of the performance:

“It was like this insane, three-minute Blue Cheer, crazy, garage-rock version of ‘Eleanor Rigby‘. Obviously, there’s been some incredible versions of ‘Eleanor Rigby‘ along the way, but I’m pretty sure there’s never been one that had this kind of sound, this kind of feel, this kind of energy and madness to it. I was like, ‘You know what, boys? You done me proud.'”

Ulrich further discussed his sons musical prowess and their evolving tastes—as well as their opinion on Metallica—with the aforementioned publication, you read more from him here.