Crazy Town - Butterfly

Here’s ‘The 10 Best Songs By The 10 Worst Nu Metal Bands’ According To Metal Hammer


Should you want to get deep in the weeds of the nü metal genre, Metal Hammer have published a list of what they consider ‘The 10 best songs by the 10 worst nu metal bands’. The feature offers some fairly blunt assessments of the reasoning behind the choices, such as the below excerpt posted in regards to Taproot‘s “Poem“:

“The most famous thing about Taproot is the angry voice message Fred Durst left on their singer’s answering machine. That’s not really a surprise when you consider the Michigan boys’ mediocre music and a frontman with the charisma of flour.

However, they did score something of a hit with 2002’s Poem, which peaked at #5 on Billboard’s rock chart. Powered by some hyper-heavy guitar work, it proves that even a broken clock is still correct once a while.”

You can read the whole feature, complete with embedded videos for each song, over at Metal Hammer. For the list itself, it runs as follows:

  • Trapt – “Headstrong
  • Nonpoint – “Bullet With A Name
  • Adema – “Immortal
  • Drowning Pool – “Bodies
  • Taproot – “Poem
  • Puddle Of Mudd – “She Hates Me
  • Dry Kill Logic – “Paper Tiger
  • Alien Ant Farm – “Smooth Criminal” (Michael Jackson cover)
  • Earshot – “Get Away
  • Crazy Town – “Butterfly

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