The UsedBrian Cox

The Used Premiere “Big, Wanna Be”


The Used have premiered yet another new song from their impending album “Heartwork“. “Big, Wanna Be” is the latest track to arrive from the album ahead of its release this Friday, April 24th. The band’s frontman Bert McCracken told Spin of this track:

“‘Big, Wanna Be‘ I think is a really sardonic and sarcastic look at the world of ‘influencing’ in general. I think it really speaks to the soul of what humanity has lost with Instagram influencers. It’s been going on for a long time, but it’s been elevated with Instagram and social media. They’re platforms that make people feel jealous, but that feeling of jealousy can’t be reciprocated on the other side.

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You can’t feel someone feeling jealous, so it’s just this weird confusing conundrum that’s a horrible situation for humans to be stuck in. But it’s also kind of a light message about pushing yourself, as I just started working out with resistance training about a year ago, so in a roundabout joking kind of way it’s also about how I want to become way larger than I’m capable of becoming.”

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