Korn's Jonathan Davis

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Says The “Majority” Of New Music Coming Out Has No Originality


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis hasn’t found much inspiration in modern music and has expressed it in past interviews. It would seem that his general disinterest continues as he recently told Heavy1:

“The majority of new music coming out, it just sounds all the same to me, there’s no originality. So I’ve been listening to music from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, I call it Murder Music.

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It’s very dark, and I appreciate it because it was done – the way it was recorded, there was no – computers or anything, you had to be a badass musician to do that stuff, so I really liked it. So the ’30s, ’40s, and I listen to a lot of the stuff from the ’70s.”

As for a reason why he percieves there being a lack of excitement in the rock scene as of late, he offered:

“…I mean, in rock music it’s come pretty stagnant, the big cultural big thing was EDM music, that was the new thing that came around for the mainstream and the masses, all the DJs and all that, that was the new thing, and that’s cool.

For rock music and all that, the whole model’s changed; there’s no big labels pushing and having millions of dollars to do really cool shit. I got misquoted saying that ‘We were one of the last real rock bands.’

What I meant by that was we were one of the last rock bands that we had a lot of money from a big label pushing us and allowing us to do huge things and do really cool shit at the time, that they pushed money behind us and backed us and got us all these tours and all these kinds of stuff.

So they don’t do that anymore, and it’s unfortunate, and that’s why I think that it’s kind of stagnant, everyone’s just playing it safe and there’s nothing that’s really coming out that’s different, and I’m waiting, hopefully, they do figure it out.”

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