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Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Discusses His Medical Communication Tool For Intubated Patients


Cynic vocalist/guitarist Paul Masvidal‘s past career in the health services saw him and his then partner help develop a system of communication for intubated, etc. patients. While he is no longer directly involved with the project, he hopes to see a communication tool he helped develop dubbed the EZ Board available in more hospitals amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He commented:

“Hello friends,
As some of you may know, I’ve worked as a volunteer with the terminally ill for a long time. I rarely talk about this aspect of my life, since it’s always felt like something I should keep quiet. Well, I’ve had a change of heart now due to the situation we’re all in.
A couple decades ago, myself and a partner invented a communication device called the ‘EZ Board’ to help intubated patients communicate with hospital staff. We are in a global crisis now during which hundreds of patients are being intubated daily.
Intubated COVID-19 patients are too weak to write legibly and cannot speak, which leaves them scared, anxious, and often in a state of delirium which can lead to complications and prolonged hospital stays.
Vidatak, a company I started but am no longer involved with, produces and distributes the EZ Board, and is providing them to hospitals around the world free of charge. However, supplies and funding for shipping are dwindling fast.
Please help if you can by contributing to the Go Fund Me (link at Vidatak highlight) so they can ramp up production and distribution. I know from years of first hand experience, that the EZ Board makes a difference and helps patients fighting for their lives and the healthcare workers fighting to save them. .
Thanks for your support and please share.
Check out for more info. My next post will provide some background on the origins of this device”

The GoFundMe linke mentioned above can be found here. More info on how the tool came about, can be found in the below gallery:

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Here’s a little background on the ‘EZ Board’

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