Mission Two Entertainment

Victory Records Founder Tony Brummel Launches New Label Mission Two Entertainment


Victory Records founder Tony Brummel has launched a new label , Mission Two Entertainment. Word of this new venture comes after Brummel sold Victory Records and its publishing arm Another Victory to Concord in an estimated $30 million deal this past fall.

Like Victory Records, this new label venture also comes with a publishing arm of its own, Amuxe Publishing. Brummel commented of the venture:

“Same job, different name, bigger mission. I started Victory Records in 1989 with $800. I made a different deal and I have not submitted like so many other ‘independents.’ I kept the entire staff. Let’s go!”

Initial signings to the label include the Cro-Mags and their new release, “In The Beginning“, which will see a June 19th release date. That Harley Flanagan-led version of the band was also one of the final signings to Victory Records before being acquired and shifted to a catalog label.

Also onboard with Mission Two Entertainment are Insight and Don’t Sleep (ex-Dag Nasty, etc.). Those outfits will release their new albums “Reflection” and “Turn The Tide” respectively later in the year.

For more on the new label, who are ‘aggressively looking for great artists of all genres’, head to Mission Two Entertainment.

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