Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend Shares “Stampys Blaster”


Devin Townsend‘s ongoing ‘Quarantine Project’ has yielded a track dubbed “Stampys Blaster” following a Twitch stream, along with a brief video for it. Townsend commented:

“Good day!

So here we are at the start of another week that will undoubtedly be challenging and difficult to navigate.

So to provide some energy for our workload here’s Quarantine Project part 5: Stampys Blaster! (If you watched the Twitch stream yesterday, you’ll know that Stampy is the name of the elephant that came up during the mix =)

‘I love you all, May your heart be filled by grace, let your hearts be filled with love’”

Drums for the track were done by Samus Paulicelli of Decrepit Birth, etc. fame. Townsend launched the ongoing quarantine project as a way to give back to fans, who have thus far crowdfunded $74,294 via GoFundMe for him to help him recoup from the losses incurred by having the postpone his spring tour.