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Shiner Set May Release For First Album In 19 Years, Stream “Life As A Mannequin”


Shiner‘s first studio album in 19 years, “Schadenfreude“, will see a release on May 08th. The song “Life As A Mannequin” has surfaced as the first single from the effort with the band commenting of it:

“This song came together very quickly; we had the arrangement laid out literally the 2nd time through the tune. The simple kind of Willy Wonka vocal melody on the verse belies the heaviness of the lyric and the urge and pure elation of giving in to your worst tendencies, like scratching under a cast you know you really shouldn’t but it feels so good. Or the recovering alcoholic having a hard day and just deciding to really turn on and say fuck it, I’m getting drunk tonight.”

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The band took on the production, engineering and mixing duties of the album themselves at bassist Paul Maliknowski‘s Massive Sound studio in Shawnee, KS. Addressing the recording process, guitarist Josh Newton stated:

“We’ve always been extremely hands-on, even when working with someone else technically ‘producing’. With ‘The Egg‘ we ended up remixing and adding things to almost half the record on our own. At this stage in our existence, we know what we should sound like.”

Vocalist/guitarist Allen Epley added:

“A lot of themes on the album are pretty dark but always with a silver lining around the edges. The title itself is a commentary on the most common human trait of enjoying your rivals’ demise. Or your apparent enemies.”

A North American tour is planned for later in the year with more details to come.

Schadenfreude” track listing:

01 – “In The End
02 – “Life As A Mannequin
03 – “Genuflect
04 – “Nothing
05 – “Low Hanging Fruit
06 – “Paul P Pogh
07 – “Swallow
08 – “O Captain

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