Carach Angren

Carach Angren Drummer “Namtar” Exits The Band Amid Frustrations With The Music Industry


Carach Angren drummer Ivo “Namtar” Wijers has announced his exit from the band, issuing the below statement outlining his frustrations with the music industry that led him to this point:

“I’m leaving Carach Angren, I’ve decided this some months ago.

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In this statement I’ll be giving my opinion on things, it’s fine to disagree. Though I hope after you’re done reading you’ll understand why I’m moving on.

In my opinion the band has become some sort of employee of the metal music business throughout the years.

You don’t navigate anymore, but you’re being steered around. At first, that doesn’t sound that bad, It’s business. But it has evolved to a lot of bumping and eventually crash situations.

I think it’s a result of to many companies, individuals etc. having their own mixed connections, deals, contracts, mixed interests and so on.

The next result is that to many and often same mistakes are made, things forgotten and so problems occur. Especially in the live section, everything regarding shows/tours. The list is long.

Solutions can be found, I agree on that. But at some point you’re just done with it right? It gets repetitive. It’s not even your job.

Especially when your band prepare things very well. I always wonder what it is each time, not caring, not enough capacity or the lack of common sense?

I can talk hours about this but I’ll stick to the point where I was done with it. Right before the start of our European headline tour last year, we were suddenly informed that we couldn’t bring our stage production due to logistic issues.

That’s not good and we’ve tried to find solutions. But it never came to a solution eventually because, there you have it, deals were already made. You can not switch, budgets are set and the tour is starting within a few days. And there you are, stuck. And yes this is Carach Angren, we manage everything. But it’s not right.

It’s also a bit of a personal thing as I’ve made the machinery, the moving keyboard and the drumkits etc. myself. Some of you have actually seen it.�We wanna build up the band, everyone wants a great show. You’re prepared, but eventually somewhere else it goes wrong and you can wave your plans good bye. On top, once on the road often you get back: where is all your stuff? You can feel how frustrating this is. Just one of those things, but now it came to close and it’s affecting our show.

I went from “well at least we have the show” to “why the hell am I still doing this”.
You always get calmed down with the old 1 step back and 2 ahead. Well now I step aside unfortunately, I’m just not such a follower.

Call me stubborn, but I stick to the fact the business exists because bands with their fans exist. Not the other way around. But it seems to behave like that more and more.
And yes in pop music this is the case sometimes ;). But this is metal. Imagine what would happen if metal bands dropped all their activities 1 or 2 years. But that’s another story

Really not everything has always been negative of course. But I felt to explain what was bothering me the last years. Perhaps I maxed out and it’s time for other challenges.
I’ve always enjoyed being in this band and to work hard for it.

It’s a great thing the 3 of us set up. Unfortunately I’m not happy anymore and I can’t change my mind about my decision now.

I’m on good terms with the guys, they understand why I’m leaving.

First questions you probably have now are; will you return to the band in the future? Or will you perform with another band?�The answer to both is, I have no idea.

To journalists interested. I’m ready to do interviews for a change.

Thanks for all the support and good times.
See you around, or maybe not.


The band themselves issued the below statement in regards to this departure:

“We very much regret to inform you that Namtar has decided to leave Carach Angren. He has written a statement on his personal page to explain his reasons.

Namtar has always been an incredible drummer and worked very hard within the band. Although we really regret his departure, we respect his decision. We truly want to thank him for everything and wish him all the best for the future.

We, Ardek and Seregor, will continue Carach Angren together from now and we are ready to revealing our most ambitious album to date!

In the touring and live section we will go on with the excellent loyal help of live guitarist Bastiaan Boh (Butcher) and a soon to be announced new live drummer.


Ardek & Seregor

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