Dead Bodies Everywhere: A Slam And Death Tribute To Nu-Metal

Hear I Tore My Eyes Out Give Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” A ‘Brutal Death’ Cover


A new single has emerged from the upcoming slam, death, gore, metal, etc. tribute to nü-metal, “Dead Bodies Everywhere: A Slam And Death Tribute To Nu-Metal“. Newly revealed from the record is I Tore My Eyes Out‘s cover of Drowning Pool‘s “Bodies“. I Tore My Eyes Out mastermind Daniel said of his rendition:

“This song is one of the biggest bangers of my childhood! It was very cool to jam to the attitude of this hit, with its chorus now stuck in my head for life. I definitely didn’t want to replay the song just by weighing down the sound. So I brought some I Tore My Eyes Out vibes in the middle of the song with some groovy riffs and slams.”

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Vocals on the track were done by Rori Putra Pratama of Machine Anatomy. Imploding Sounds have the tribute compilation due out on February 14th. It is expected to run as follows:

Omni Express” – “Blind” (Korn cover)
I Tore My Eyes Out – “Bodies” (Drowning Pool cover)
Throat Bleach – “People = Shit” (Slipknot cover)
Angelic Assblast – “Dig” (Mudvayne cover)
Acephaly – “Birthmark” (Deftones cover)
Cockoroch – “Here To Stay” (Korn cover)
Ophiocordyceps – “I’m With Stupid” (Static-X cover)
Penguin On Fire – “When Girls Telephone Boys” (Deftones cover)
Phyllomedusa – “Spit” (Kittie cover)
Smothered Bowels – “Duality” (Slipknot cover)
Gorebones – “Nookie” (Limp Bizkit cover)
Alkadema – “Dead Bodies Everywhere” (Korn cover)
Domestic Terror – “Never Get Caught” (American Head Charge cover)
Human Menu – “Suite-Pee” (System Of A Down cover)
Daedon – “Down With The Sickness” (Disturbed cover)
Grindzilla – “Brackish” (Kittie cover)
Big Chef – “Break Stuff” (Limp Bizkit cover)
Ape On Drugs – “Last Resort” (Papa Roach cover)
The Dark Prison Masscare – “Faget” (Korn cover)
Dysmorphic Disfigurement – “Fuck The System” (System Of A Down cover)
Mister Hollywood – “The Dream Is Over” (Mushroomhead cover)
Order Of The Wolf – “Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)” (Deftones cover)
Settle For Shadows – “Dead” (Korn cover)
Coagulopathy – “Dig” (Mudvayne cover)
Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphadenopathy – “Butterfly” (Crazy Town cover)
Katarina Gubanova – “Cradle To The Grave” (Five Finger Death Punch cover)

The below cover is one of several to be released ahead of the album, with more also available:

Dead Bodies Everywhere: A Slam And Death Tribute To Nu-Metal

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