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Gatecreeper & Spirit Adrift Adjust Their Lineups, No Longer Share Members


There’s been some lineup changes in the Gatecreeper and Spirit Adrift camps as of late. Up until now, Spirit Adrift and Gatecreeper had shared various members, but a decision was made this year to disentangle the bands to allow for more opportunities and focus. Speaking with Metal Injection, Spirit Adrift vocalist, etc. Nate Garrett laid out the changes.

Going forward, Gatecreeper‘s  Eric Wagner and Chase Mason will no longer be members of Spirit Adrift, having exited the band to devote their time to Gatecreeper. Meanwhile, Garrett, who had been playing guitars in Gatecreeper has stepped down from that band to focus on Spirit Adrift.

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This shuffle leaves Spirit Adrift as a duo for the time being, with drummer Marcus Bryant remaining among the roster alongside Garrett. They have already found live replacements for the newly vacated slots however. Garrett told the aforementioned site of the changes:

“2020 we’re splitting the band up. This is the year that we finally had to do it. Eric and Chase are going to continue on with Gatecreeper and then Marcus and I are doing Spirit Adrift. Gatecreeper has got a new live guitar player and we’ve got a new live bass player and guitar player.

Eric and Chase write the Gatecreeper stuff and they started that band. I write all the Spirit Adrift stuff and I started that band. It just kind of went without saying. We just reached a point of diminishing returns. For awhile it was cool and it was working, but I think we reached a point where both bands were suffering by sharing the members. We’re gonna be two separate entities moving forward.

I don’t know if I’m far enough away from it to really have a lot of perspective on it. I’m glad I got to play on that record and I’m glad I got to do that last tour. We handled everything the right way.

A few of us had been talking about splitting up the bands for a really long time and then we just had an adult conversation about it, and everybody handled it really well. That last Gatecreeper tour was awesome. Exhumed, Netcrot, Judicary, all of those dudes are really, really cool. I got a lot out of that tour, so I’m glad to have gone out on top in that band.”

The discussion also saw Garrett discuss the band’s upcoming March 27th re-release of their debut album “Chained To Oblivion” via Prosthetic Records and their tentative plans to have a new album out this year.

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