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The Star Of Netflix’s ‘Atypical’ Fronts Grind & Death Metal Bands On The Side


Actor/musician Keir Gilchrist, who stars as an autistic 18-year-old seeking love in the Netflix series ‘Atypical‘, has a passion for extreme heavy music. Bandcamp recently posted a feature/interview with the 27-year-old Gilchrist, who also fronts grindcore outfit Whelm and death metal outfit Phalanx. Gilchrist stated via the feature that the differing natures of his passions used to give him concern:

“I had this fear that if people found out what kind of stuff I was into, or even how I dressed normally, that it would ruin my [acting] career. And I had another fear that if people in the [metal] scene knew that I acted, they’d be like, ‘You’re a fucking poser. Get the fuck out.’ I was terrified that those two worlds would cross, and I would be ratted out of both scenes.”

He also spoke of how a black eye he suffered at a Full Of Hell show didn’t pan out well when he showed up on set to film an episode of ‘Atypical‘: “I slipped on beer on the floor and cracked my face on a cinder block that was holding the kick drum, bruising it. That was not received well.”

You can read more from Gilchrist and his hopes to one day produce a movie that paints the aggressive music community in a proper light over at

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