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Ministry Guitarist Sin Quirin Accused Of Having Conducted Sexual Relationships With Two Minors


In a lengthy new report filed over at, Ministry guitarist Sinhue “Sin” Quirin has been accused of conducting sexual relationships with two women who were underage at the time. The investigative report was filed by Spin, who up until January 16th, 2020 were a sister site of Billboard.

In the report, one woman, Kelly Longoria, reveals she came forward to the police in 2017 about her past relationship with the aforementioned guitarist, alleging Quirin had initially approached her at a Dope show in San Antonio, TX back in 2002 when he was a member of Society 1.

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She alleges Quirin inquired as to her age that night and upon being informed that she was 15, remarked that he was ‘old enough to be her dad’. While she states that nothing went on further that night between them aside from exchanging contact details, she claims a yearslong sexual relationship developed soon after while she was still 15. She alleges Quirin traveled to visit her some 18-20 times via touring and otherwise in the years that followed. The age of consent in in San Antonio is 17.

Longoria also claims that Quirin had initially identified himself as being 28-years-old during their first meeting, though she later found out that Quirin was actually 33 at the time. In addition to a sworn statement from Longoria, evidence as to the nature of her relationship with Quirin was submitted to the San Antonio police via her friends and family. Quirin himself denied having had a sexual relationship with Longoria, stating that he only obtained her contact information to add her to a Society 1 mailing list.

Quirin‘s attorney Randolph Ortega said in a statement to Spin on the matter:

“Mr. Quirin did not begin visiting Ms. Longoria in San Antonio. During this time Society 1 was touring heavily in various locations throughout the United States. When the band was in or near the San Antonio area, Ms. Longoria would come to the show as a guest.”

Longoria also claims that a dedication from Quirin found in the 2005 Society 1 DVD “Fearing The Exit“, which stated “Kell (we’re almost there…)” was a reference to her almost being of legal age. Quirin‘s attorney denied that the dedication was a reference to Longoria however. No criminal charges were filed against Quirin in regards to Longoria‘s allegations.

According to Spin, another woman identified as ‘Brooke‘ from Portland, Oregon also came forward with claims that Quirin initiated a sexual relationship with her when she was underage. She alleges to have met him at a Society 1 show in 2005 when she was 16 and that the band later crashed at her parents house while her mother was away. She alleges that they had sex that night and had made clear to the band prior that her and her friends were minors at the time.

She further alleged that she would later have sex with him the following night at a show in Tacoma, WA. In Oregon the age of consent is 18, while it is 16 in the state of Washington.

Meanwhile, another woman, Lacey Sculls, who was of age when she had a relationship with Quirin, provided evidence to Spin in regards to her ending things with him upon finding out that Quirin had previously been in a relationship with Longoria when she was underage. She provided the publication with various email communications with Quirin as well as social media correspondence from Society 1 frontman Matt Zane that allegedly saw both Quirin and Zane acknowledging the sexual misconduct.

Zane has since denied having any recollection of these exchanges. Sculls herself would later go on record to the San Antonio, TX police to back up Longoria‘s claims of having been in a relationship with Quirin when she was a minor.

Another woman, Beth George, alleges to have been hired by Quirin as a consultant to help run his social media around 2012. She claims to have become concerned at the direct messages he was receiving from underage girls via the account. She alleges to have surmised that Quirin had been conducting improper sexual relationships with these women and confronted him about it, which saw him end their business arrangement.

Quirin‘s attorney Randolph Ortega denied that George had ever been under his client’s employ and stated that her allegations were false. Al Jourgensen, frontman of Quirin‘s current band Ministry, was contacted by Spin in regards to the allegations and responded via the apparent same lawyer, Randolph Ortega, offering:

“Mr. Jourgenson (sic) is unaware of any of potential nefarious activity by any member of Ministry during their respective tenure(s) with the band including but not limited to Mr. Sin Quirin.”

Various other details regarding the allegations against Quirin, including exact details, commentary from other industry professionals, the emotional trauma suffered as a result and more can be found in Spin‘s exhaustive report over at Ministry do not yet appear to have publicly commented on the report.