Drummer Stefan Hüskens Exits Sodom


Sodom have announced the departure of their drummer Stefan “Husky” Hüskens, who has been playing with the band since 2018. In a statement issued this week via social media, Hüskens stated:


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Unfortunately, I have to inform you that I have to leave heavy heart Sodom. Due to some professional changes, as well as a few more small things, unfortunately, I don’t see a chance to continue to blow up the skins at Sodom. I had a great time, I’m proud of everything we have achieved and thank you Tom, yorck and Frank, as well as the entire crew for many extremely awesome moments. It was an honor to be part of one of my two alltime fave bands for two years.

In Life, it is always important to make important decisions, that’s one of them! In this sense, thank you for everything…

Lunatic Aggression of hardcore power!

January 2020″

The band themselves are not expected to miss any shows despite his departure and issued the below statement of their own:

“We very much regret his decision, but also respect the circumstances that caused him to do so.

Sometimes we have to realize that musical success is not always the most important thing in life. Despite all the adversity that modern music business brings with it, this music will forever enrich our lives. And that’s exactly what he was always his motto.

We look back on two successful and important years with him who have enriched our band history in every way and will also shape for a long time.

We wish him all the best for his musical, professional and private future and of course good luck and health. However, he will always be preserved as a loyal colleague, and loyal friend and will always be available with advice and deed through his musical expertise and scene connoisseurs.

We sincerely regret his decision, but we respect the inducing circumstances.

Sometimes even we have to admit that musical achievements are not everything in life. Against all odds of the modern music business, this music will forever enrich our lives. That has always been his motto.

We are looking back at two successful and crucial years, which have not only added to the history of our band, but will also shape it for years to come.

We wish him all the best for his musical, professional and private endeavours. He will of course remain a loyal colleague and trusted friend, backing us in word and deed with his musical expertise and vast knowledge of the metal scene.

Glückauf, dear Husky, as we use to say in the Ruhr Area!
See you soon

All upcoming shows will take place as scheduled, a new drummer will be announced shortly.”