Sam Rivers Of Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit’s Sam Rivers Reveals His Past Hiatus From The Band Was Due To A Liver Transplant


When Limp Bizkit bassist Sam Rivers went on hiatus from the band back in 2015 for several years, it was thought to have been the result of a back condition. At the time, a statement said to have been issued by Rivers blamed degenerative discs and a resulting surgery as being the culprit for his time away.

As it turns out, his condition was a bit more serious than that. In the new book, ‘Raising Hell: Backstage Tales From The Lives Of Metal Legends‘, Rivers revealed that his excessive partying had caught up to him, so much so that he required a liver transplant back in 2017. He commented of that:

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“I had to leave Limp Bizkit in 2015 because I felt so horrible, and a few months after that I realized I had to change everything because I had really bad liver disease. I quit drinking and did everything the doctors told me. I got treatment for the alcohol and got a liver transplant, which was a perfect match.”

He also stated of the matter:

“I was diagnosed in 2011. I didn’t really get what was happening back then. I stopped drinking and battled the liver disease for a bit. I got clean for about nine or ten months and went on tour. I was super clean, but my home life wasn’t that great at the time and as soon as I got off tour I started drinking, and then drinking more. I fell right back into being a horrible drunk again.”

“It got so bad I had to go to UCLA Hospital and the doctor said, ‘If you don’t stop, you’re going to die. And right now, you’re looking like you need a new liver.’ I fought liver disease for a couple years and it won. I had to get a liver transplant in 2017.”

Rivers has since rejoined the band on the road and continues to tour with them. ‘Raising Hell: Backstage Tales From The Lives Of Metal Legends‘ was penned by Jon Wiederhorn and features colorful tales backstage tales from the likes of members of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slipknot, Slayer and more. You can pick it up via Amazon.

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