Hear Decapitated & Vader Cover Acid Drinkers


Decapitated, Vader and more are among the artists who took part in a tribute album to Polish metal outfit Acid Drinkers. Decapitated teamed up with LXMP cover a cover of “Fuel Of My Soul“, while Vader took on”Dancing In The Slaughterhouse“. You can stream the compilation, which has been titled “Ladies And Gentlemen On Acid (A Tribute To Acid Drinkers)“, below with Decapitated themselves commenting via social media:

“Many bands and metalheads were inspired by Polish Metal Legends @aciddrinkers_official and Decapitated is not an exception. That’s why with big pleasure we took a part in this amazing project and prepared a cover of one of their songs.

We have added blast beats, ultra-speed of the double-kick provided by @james.stewart.drummer , the sickest and the longest screams on the scene delivered by @rasta_decapitated and sick guitar solo by @hubertwiecek which all made a death metal version of ‘Fuel of My Soul‘. This time we teamed up with Macio Moretti and LXMP and created a mix of death metal, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas style with a ‘Brasilian Octopus Taste’!!!
Sounds interesting?

Check out ‘Ladies and Gentlemen on ACID’ !!!”

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