Strigoi (Paradise Lost, Etc.) Debut “Carved Into The Skin” Music Video


Strigoi (Paradise Lost, ex-Vallenfyre, etc.) have premiered a music video for their track “Carved Into The Skin“. The song itself appears on the band’s recent debut album, “Abandon All Faith“. The group’s bassist Chris Casket had the following to say of this clip:

“The production of the video was totally DIY including the ‘practical effects’ and filmed in studio and on location in Yorkshire, Suffolk and Milan. Initially, we wanted to gather background footage for a lyric video, but these sessions quickly escalated into a full video production, and the end result is a combination of performance, eerie locations, creeping insects and self mutilation.”

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Founder Greg Mackintosh added:

“This, the grimmest track on the album is about depression, despair and self-harm. Musical asphyxiation.”

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