Korn's Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis: “I Laugh My Ass Off That My Band Is Named ‘Korn'”


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis reflected on the origin of the band’s name and how he views it now some 26 years into their career. Speaking with Kerrang! as part of feature on the band and their latest album “The Nothing“, which was newly published online here, Davis commented:

“Honestly. I laugh my fucking ass off that my band is named ‘Korn‘ [laughs]. That’s the whole reason why we named it that, it was a ‘fuck you’. Your band name doesn’t have to be mysterious; we were being fucking stupid drunk kids. But we made it cool, so fuck it.”

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Elsewhere in the feature Davis also explained why he chose to use the lyric of “God is making fun of me” in the track “The Nothing” track “Idiosyncrasy“. He said of the phrase:

“I almost named the album that. Like, how much fucking more are you going to send at me, man? That’s where I came up with that lyric. I’m sitting there fucking bawling because I’m dealing with all this shit. My kids don’t have a mom, I’ve got a sick kid, I’ve got all this shit. Yeah, you’re a rock star, you’ve got money and get to travel the world, but what in the flying fuck, God?! You’ve got to be up there giggling your ass off.”

You can dig into the lengthy feature over at Kerrang!.

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