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Flaw Allegedly Copied Two More Tracks From YouTube On Their Latest Album “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave” (Updated)


Update: October 01st, 2019 01:55 PM:

In a potentially noteworthy development, Flaw guitarist/bassist Tommy Gibbons has publicly claimed to have penned one of the riffs on one of the songs allegedly stolen from YouTuber Douglas Patrick. This past August Gibbons made the following post on his Facebook:

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Flaw's Tommy Gibbons

As seen in the below original story, the Flaw song Gibbons claimed to have wrote, “Persistence“, was shown to have numerous similar elements to a composition Patrick released online back in 2017 called “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 22“. As Patrick was the first person to accuse the band of plagiarizing his material, it seems unlikely that they also purchased the rights to this track at the time of Gibbons post. Patrick‘s first accusation against the band was made around mid-September.

In his statement on the matter regarding the first plagiarized song, Flaw frontman Chris Volz blamed one unidentified member of the band as being the culprit for stealing the track. He also claimed to have since reached out to Patrick to compensate him for his work.

Original Story:

The murky saga of Flaw and their 2019 album “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave” continues with a revelation that two more songs from the outing were allegedly lifted from YouTube tracks. A reader using Shazam found out that the song “On Your Feet” is instrumentally a nearly direct copy of a song titled “Electro Metal Trailer” posted by Sound For Production, featuring Antoine Binant & Julien Ranouil. You can hear those two tracks below:

Meanwhile, the Flaw track “Sign Of The Times” was also allegedly taken from Sound For Production‘s (Antoine Binant & Julien Ranouil) “Intensity Metal Signal“:

Sound For Production appear to have created the tracks for future licensing and it is currently unclear if Flaw paid for legal usage of the material as they did with the track “Nu Metal Instrumental 2, done by YouTuberRiff Master T‘. Flaw reworked that particular track as the song “Conquer This Climb“, also off of “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave“.

The whole controversy into the Flaw‘s writing credits began a few weeks back when the band were accused of lifting this instrumental track from metal YouTuber Douglas Patrick. Patrick accused the band of stealing his song “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14” and releasing it as a track of their own by the name of “Wake Up” on “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave“.

At the time, Flaw frontman Chris Volz issued this statement, claiming to have been unaware of the plagiarism. He went on to say that the stolen track was the result of one unidentified band member and said the matter was being dealt with internally. He also stated that he was “upset” over the matter and had reached out to Patrick to compensate him for his work.

The saga continued yesterday (September 30th) when it was revealed that Flaw had allegedly lifted another track from Patrick on the album, with his 2017 instrumental cut “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 22” bearing a strong resemblance to Flaw‘s 2019 offering “Persistence“.

Though potentially unrelated, Flaw had run a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund the creation of “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave” and stated that this past March that they among those affected by the companies collapse earlier this year, leaving thousands of artists without the money that was pledged to them.

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