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Flaw Allegedly Plagiarized Another Track From The Same Metal YouTuber (Updated)


You may recall earlier this month when word broke that Flaw had been accused of lifting a song written by YouTube musician Douglas Patrick. A reworked version of an instrumental track Patrick released online back in 2016 wound up appearing as “Wake Up” on Flaw‘s latest release, “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave” (you can hear both versions here.)

Addressing the matter later via this statement, Flaw frontman Chris Volz stated that he was unaware of the plagiarism, revealing that it was the work of one member of the band who “royally screwed up”. He went on to say that he was “upset” over the matter and had reached out to Patrick to compensate him for his work.

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Volz may need to cut another check to Patrick however, as it turns out that another of his songs was apparently lifted for the album. Below you can hear Patrick‘s 2017 track “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 22“, which appears to have been lifted almost directly for Flaw‘s track “Persistence“, which also appears on their 2019 release, “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave“.

Update: September 30th, 2019 10:38 AM:

It would appear that the work of YouTube musicians are a frequent source of inspiration on Flaw‘s latest album with the below 2015 composition “Nu Metal Instrumental 2” done by ‘Riff Master T‘ having been purchased by Flaw and later reworked as the song “Conquer This Climb“, also off of “Vol IV Because Of The Brave“.

Flaw's Song Purchase

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