These Are The Top 10 Nü Metal Songs That Still Hold Up Today According To Alt Press

0 have published a list of the top ten nü metal songs they feel still hold up today. You can find the list complete with accompanying videos and descriptions over at As for the list itself, it runs as follows:

10. Fear Factory – “Edgecrusher
09. Slipknot – “Spit It Out
08. Machine Head – “Crashing Around You
07. Mushroomhead – “Sun Doesn’t Rise
06. Soulfly – “Jumpdafuckup” (feat. Corey Taylor)
05. Deftones – “Headup
04. Mudvayne – “Dig
03. Korn – “Falling Away From Me
02. Coal Chamber – “Fiend
01. Limp Bizkit – “Break Stuff

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