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Prong To Release New EP In November, Tommy Victor Speaks On Fans Indifference To New Material


Prong have a new EP titled “Age Of Defiance” headed for a November 29th release date. The outing features two new songs, including the title track and “The End Of Sanity“. Live recordings of “Rude Awakening“, “Cut-Rate” and “Another Worldly Device” are also featured. “The End Of Sanity” is currently expected to debut online on October 26th.

The band’s vocalist/guitarist Tommy Victor sat down with Loud TV to discuss the decision to release a new EP, revealing that it came about due to some frustration of people seemingly not being interested in new Prong albums. He said of that and the band’s more recent releases:

“I don’t wanna sound negative too much, but for the most part, no one gave a fuck. You make all these records, these new records, and essentially people wanna hear ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck‘. And I liked doing those records, but I got burnt out of these long albums. So I wrote a bunch of songs, but I’m just gonna pick two out of that and put those out.

Why put out a whole another album full of material and people don’t even listen to the shit — they don’t listen to the whole record. So this thing may do really well. It’s, like, ‘Two Prong songs. Cool. I don’t wanna listen to any more than that anyhow.’ And then we have a live ‘Rude Awakening‘, ‘Cut-Rate‘ and ‘Another Worldly Device‘ on it. So we’ll see how it works out. But it’s been fun so far for me, because I haven’t been overworked with it.”

He later said:

“Making ‘Zero Days‘ was — that was a major project, that album. There wasn’t a lot of time to make it, and it was a lot of work. I was working seven days a week, sleeping four hours, trying to come up with lyrics. I think the lyrics are great on the record, because I was figuring out what the hell was going on with the song and trying to do the lyrics and making everything so perfect. And I get a little disillusioned because nobody cares.

Of all the lyrics I wrote, maybe a couple of people were, like, ‘What was the topic of that? What were you saying with that? That’s an interesting lyric.’ I’ve had very few conversations about it. And it wasn’t released right — the record label didn’t do a great job with it — so I was very disappointed with the whole outcome of that. So now it’s two songs, [three] live [tracks], and then a full-length album later.”


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