Throwdown Respond To The Irony Of EDM Artists ‘Mastadon’ & ‘Throwdown’ Playing Shows Together


As pointed out by Throwdown (see below), there are EDM/dubstep artists by the name of Throwdown and Mastadon out there playing shows together. Given that Throwdown themselves have been fairly dormant in recent years, it’s not a surprise that their name has been lifted. Ironically though, at the time of this posting, a Facebook event for a show appearing on Throwdown‘s actual Facebook is advertising a show for the EDM Throwdown.

The DJ known as Mastadon (and later Masta-Don) on the other hand appears to have relented, deciding to change his name to Marauda earlier this summer. It’s unclear if the name change was related to the confusion that likely arose from possessing a similar name to that of metal band Mastodon, or a potential legal threat.

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