Void Of Vision

Void Of Vision Premiere “Babylon”


Void Of Vision have released their new single “Babylon” below. The track comes from their forthcoming sophomore album, “Hyperdaze“, which will be released on September 13th via UNFD. The band’s vocalist Jack Bergin said of the song:

“‘Babylon‘ is my outlook on the world that I live in. I see day in and day out the integrity of the human race decline further and further through ignorance and injustice. At the end of it all, I can’t help but feel a sense of impending doom for humanity if it continues on like it is, the end most likely bought upon us by our own blatant disregard for one another.

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It’s a bleak and defeated mentality but I really just wanted to express my current frame of mind to accompany the rest of those dark thoughts amongst ‘Hyperdaze‘.”