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Corey Taylor Says Unreleased Slipknot Album “Look Outside Your Window” Features A “Radiohead Vibe”


Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor has opened up on the as-yet unreleased album featuring 11 songs he and his Slipknot bandmates Jim Root (guitars), M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan) (percussion) and Sid Wilson (turntables) recorded together during the sessions for their 2008 platinum certified album, “All Hope Is Gone“.

Taylor has since revealed that the outing is tentatively titled “Look Outside Your Window” and sports more of a ‘Radiohead vibe.’ Speaking during a recent appearance on SiriusXM‘s ‘Trunk Nation” (hear it below,) Taylor stated:

“We’ve been trying to find a way to release those songs for God knows how long. They were actually something that we were recording… We had two different studios going on. And one group of guys was recording what ended up becoming ‘Look Outside Your Window‘, and then the bulk of the band was making ‘All Hope Is Gone‘.”

He also commented of the material itself, offering:

“The stuff from ‘Look Outside Your Window‘ is really, really — I mean, there’s no real way to describe it. It’s experimental, but it’s super vibey, super melodic. It’s really good. It’s hard to explain. There’s something about those songs. They’re very solemn, very energetic, very artistic. For people who are used to a certain way of Slipknot sounding, this doesn’t sound anything like that. It’s much more of a rock vibe. Honestly, it’s much more of a Radiohead vibe, to be honest.”

Taylor stated that the original plan was to release the album alongside “All Hope Is Gone“, though that didn’t pan out:

“Man, I tried like hell to make those two worlds come together — ‘All Hope Is Gone‘ and ‘Look Outside Your Window‘ — to the point where I was taking songs from both and kind of putting them together, like arrangement, sequencing. I had two different versions of ‘All Hope Is Gone‘ that I had put together with songs from that.

And just honestly, because of the emotional rifts that were in the band, the turmoil that was going on, nobody wanted to try and make that work. So what we ended up with was ‘All Hope Is Gone‘ and then this unreleased album, which we’ve been trying to find a way to release this for a really long time. And I think Clown has figured out a way to do it.

So I guess that’s gonna see the light of day, but they keep threatening to do that every couple of years, so I’m not really sure… When it comes out, I’ll be, like, ‘Okay, cool. It’s out now.’ And I’d love for people to hear it. It’s got some of my best writing, some of my best singing on it. I think people will really, really dig it. But, like I said, it doesn’t really sound like the Slipknot that people are used to. It’s a lot more in the vein of the more melodic stuff on this album.”

Speaking further of the material and how he thinks fans will react to this different side of the band, he offered:

“I think there’s a large percentage of the fans who will actually really, really dig it. Obviously, the people who are into the heavier stuff probably won’t get it at first — they might dig it later. It’s always about the right time with Clown. Once you spend more time with Clown, you realize that the wizard is always trying to figure out the right time for everything.

And I respect him for that, man — that’s the artist in him. Honestly, he’s been our secret weapon since Day One. The reason that everything sounds as interesting as it does, looks as cool — all of the artwork — is all because of him. And I don’t think anybody in the band really gives him enough credit. So I’m gonna do my very best to make sure that he gets all that credit.

For him, this ‘Look Outside Your Window‘ album was really his baby. He spent a lot of time and he put a lot of emotion into that album. And it’ll be really cool to see people finally get to hear it.”

Crahan recently stated that he hopes to release “Look Outside Your Window” during the ongoing cycle for the band’s newly released effort, “We Are Not Your Kind“.

[via Blabbermouth]

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