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Hear Deftones’ Chino Moreno Cover Christian Death With Death Valley High


A video for Death Valley High‘s cover of Christian Death‘s “Cavity – First Communion” has been released online below. The song features a guest cameo from Deftones, etc. frontman Chino Moreno. Speaking of how the cover came to be, Death Valley High‘s Reyka Osburn commented:

“We were on tour with Crosses on the East Coast and were all backstage hanging out. Chino had some music playing in the background for post-show vibes, and when this Christian Death song came on, I burst over to their room. We all fawned over our love for this particular record, ‘Only Theatre Of Pain‘. By the end of ‘Cavity – First Communion,’ he says, ‘We gotta play this song before the end of the tour!’ ‘DONE,’ I firmly agree and added, ‘We should RECORD it!’ He looked at me with eyes ablaze and exclaimed, ‘We can do ANYTHING!”

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Fast forward, the tour ends, and we never get a chance to play it! But I had already taken the collaboration to heart. DVH started discussing an all cover mixtape of sorts, one where we would collaborate with friends on each song. After prepping a rough draft, I sent it over to Chino‘s approving: ‘I’m IN.’ After some time went by, we realized our remake was just a little too faithful to the original, so we started asking, ‘What’s actually new here to offer?’

If we had done it live, we probably would’ve done just that: a faithful tribute to a classic. But since we were committing to a studio recording, we all knew we had to circle back and rekindle it. After all, this was some sacred ground we were treading! We can now comfortably say that we’ve done our honest best — contributing to the original, not just done a cover for the sake of doing one.”

The cover will appear on Death Valley High‘s forthcoming release “Duel“, which is due out this Friday, August 23rd. You can read more on that effort and its various guests here.

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