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Code Orange’s New Entrance Theme For WWE’s Bray Wyatt Came About Via Twitter


Last weekend saw the debut of Code Orange‘s revised take on WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt‘s entrance theme, “Let Me In“. The song debuted as part of Wyatt‘s in-ring debut under his new persona of ‘The Fiend‘ at last weekend’s ‘SummerSlam‘. As it turns out, you can thank Twitter for the theme becoming a reality as the band reached out to Wyatt directly via the social media platform several months ago to suggest they work together.

Speaking recently with Newsweek, Code Orange‘s vocalist/drummer Jami Morgan commented of that:

“What happened was I saw that Bray had followed us on Twitter, and we’ve been following him since a couple of years ago when our record ‘I Am King‘ came out and that’s around when he kicked off at the same time with his vignettes and vibe. And so I just messaged him and said ‘Hey man, I think we should do something together and it makes a lot of sense’ and he hit me back.”

While the WWE tend to work with their own in-house band CFO$ for entrance music, Wyatt himself managed to sway the organization to use this song after he and Code Orange pursued it together on their own before presenting the finished product to them. The track reimagines elements of Mark Crozer‘s original theme used by Wyatt, with the band having analyzed YouTube clips of then Wyatt‘s developing ‘Firefly Fun House‘ segments to inspire their take.

Speaking of Wyatt‘s eventual reaction upon hearing the song, Morgan offered:

“I hesitate to go into it because Bray will say his stuff about his character and whatever he’s doing, but he puts a lot of effort and a lot of work into what he wants it to be, and the moment I hit him with the song he wrote me this long text. It filled us all with joy because we felt like we did the right thing. He was like ‘man, I don’t care what happens this is going to be my song. Period.'”

As for the track itself, Morgan stated:

“Aesthetically, [The Fiend] lands right where our band lands. And that’s why [Bray] was so down. He got that instantly. He said to me, ‘this needs to be violent and scary and that’s what you guys do.’ It connects so well, because yes the song is different than what we would do on our normal songs, but at the same time if you hear that song it’s like our songs. It’s not some band doing something completely out of our wheelhouse.”

You can find more on the pairing over at Newsweek, which also briefly mentions that the band have been working on a new album.

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