Here’s Tool’s Most Popular Songs On Spotify & Apple Music So Far


Unless you have been living under a very giant boulder, you’re likely aware that last Friday, August 02nd, saw the official arrival of Tool‘s back catalog on streaming/digital download sites for the first time in the band’s career. While the band’s albums and singles have since gone on to top various charts as a result, the analytical, ahem, tools of the streaming media/digital download format have also given some previously unavailable insight into what songs are the band’s most popular among their fans.

Below you can see what fans have streamed most in the past four days on Spotify and Apple Music:

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01. “Schism” (1,257,849 streams)
02. “Forty Six & 2” (1,199,585 streams)
03. “Sober” (1,174,077 streams)
04. “The Pot” (1,146,867 streams)
05. “Stinkfist” (1,053,261 streams)
06. “Vicarious” (1,013,567 streams)
07. “Jambi” (884,259 streams)
08. “Lateralus” (875,107 streams)
09. “Parabola” (807,058 streams)
10. “The Grudge” (768,226 streams)

Apple Music:

01. “Sober
02. “Forty Six & 2
03. “Schism
04. “Stinkfist
05. “The Pot
06. “Vicarious
07. “H.
08. “Lateralus
09. “Ænema
10. “Eulogy

Aside from the notable differences in track choices between the two streaming services, the band’s arrival on iTunes also saw the band’s catalog crack the top 100 albums on the service. As of press time, “Ænima” stands at #2, “Lateralus” at #4, “10,000 Days” at #5, “Undertow” at #6 and “Opiate” at #8.

Up until last week, Tool‘s albums were only available in physical formats. Going by sales certifications awarded by the RIAA for sales in the United States, the band’s albums ranked as follows in terms of sales/popularity:

01. “Ænima” (3x multi-platinum)
02. “Undertow” (2x multi-platinum)
03. “Lateralus” (2x multi-platinum)
04. “10,000 Days” (platinum)
05. “Opiate” (platinum)

Given that those sales certifications did not include digital downloads and streams, their platinum statuses refer to the now previous definition of the gold, platinum, etc. awards, meaning each signifies 1,000,000 copies sold/shipped.

With the rise of digital media, the sales certifications have since been revised to factor in digital downloads and streams. Given the flurry of streaming/downloading the band’s arrival on streaming has accumulated in such a short time, it’s quite likely that their catalog will be getting some new hardware in the months to come.

Tool‘s long-awaited new album “Fear Inoculum” will be released on August 30th with the title track from it due to launch this Wednesday, August 07. Given the significance the number seven has with the record, it seems that launch date was a calculated decision.

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