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August Burns Red’s Jake Luhrs: “I Think That As I Lay Dying’s Story Is A Really Beautiful One Of Redemption And Forgiveness”


August Burns Red frontman Jake Luhrs has spoken on why he chooses to voice his support for As I Lay Dying and their frontman Tim Lambesis. Earlier this year, LuhrsHeartSupport organization released this documentary called ‘Misery Evolving, which tells the tale of Lambesis‘ downfall and his return to As I Lay Dying since being paroled from prison back in 2016.

Lambesis went to prison after having attempted to hire an undercover cop posing as a hitman to kill his previous wife Meggan back in 2013. Since his release, Lambesis and As I Lay Dying have reconciled their differences and resumed touring and recording new music—a new album is rumored to be out in September. Lambesis himself has since remarried and busies himself with social work outside of the band.

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While Lambesis‘s involvement in As I Lay Dying continues to generate controversy given his criminal past, it’s not an issue for Luhrs. Speaking with Full Metal Jackie this past weekend, Luhrs was asked about his decision to champion the band, to which he replied:

“First of all HeartSupport is all about acceptance, and encouraging and forgiving. Our slogan is: ‘It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, what you believe in, who you are in love with, what’s been done to you, or what you have done, we accept you and want to help you where you are.’

I think that AILD’s story is a really beautiful one of redemption and forgiveness. It’s one that I don’t think a lot of people may think that forgiveness goes that far, or redemption is able at that point or forgiveness that we can really do that.

I really want to showcase and support them and give them a place to share that story and the truth about that and their process of forgiving each other and all of that, and kind of remind or see that we need to love each other.

We need to practice forgiveness and lean to second chances because it doesn’t matter really. You can take that story, their story, apply that to your own life and in some degree, you will need acceptance for forgiveness; you’re going to have to do that with other people. We’re human. And if we choose love we can conquer a lot of evil and a lot of hurt and pain.”

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