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DevilDriver Guitarist Neal Tiemann Speaks Of The Concept Behind The Band’s Upcoming Double Album


DevilDriver guitarist Neal Tiemann spoke about about the concept behind the band’s forthcoming double album which they have been lining up for a release. Tracking for the outing concluded earlier this year with over 20 songs expected to grace the outing.

Appearing on ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘, Tiemann commented:

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“The way our process is, is we write all the music and then Dez will write lyrics and melodies, if any patterns and things, over it afterwards.

As we were writing we knew that we wanted, its so cliché, but we wanted to push the envelope. We want some more dynamics. We want some more clean parts, we want some of the heavier parts, and its got both, which could be polarizing, we’ll see, but I love it.

As he started writing this theme started to appealing that he….it’s mainly…I don’t know how much he wants me to talk about it… The main idea that was coming through was the taking away of liberties and bondage of the human soul.

Not politically, we’re not talking about that, but we’re talking about enslavement in history, things like this that were, and the wanting to break free of said stuff.

Nearly every song, like 20 of them, had something to do with that. It kept circling back for whatever reason for him.

He’s like well lets make it a concept, we’re already doing a double record, might as well throw another word on there we can use as buzzfeed.”

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