Call Of The VoidAlvino Salcedo

Call Of The Void To Call It Quits


Call Of The Void have announced their decision to call it a day with their September 07th live performance at the ‘Denver Hex Fest‘ in Denver, CO now set to be their final show. The band issued the below statement on the matter earlier today, July 25th:

Call Of The Void is done.

We had to make a really tough decision. If we can’t put 100% behind our art, then it’s not fair to you or ourselves to keep this going.

We are very proud of what we have released into the world, this project was from the heart and meant everything to us.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us along these last 8 years. This business isn’t easy, so if you listened, bought something, toured with us or even let us sleep on your floor, you helped make this one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

We especially want to thank Andy Patterson, Drew Juergens, Blake Harrison and Ethan Lee McCarthy. We could’t have done it without you..

Love, Call Of The Void.

Had a lot of inquires about LP’s for sale. If anyone wants a copy of the remaining LP’s they are up for dirt cheap on our bandcamp page. We’ll put the remaining merch up soon.

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