The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside Speak On New Material


The Ghost Inside haven’t been shy at hinting that they’ve been working on new music this year and as part of a recent cover story with Kerrang!, the group’s bassist Jim Riley spoke a bit about where they are at with it. He had the following to say to the aforementioned publication:

“This band has always been about something. The message has always been positive; it’s a journey from hope to despair. ‘Life’s swinging hard, but I’m swinging harder’ [from ‘Mercy‘], ‘Only the strong will survive’ [from ‘The Great Unknown‘]… When those lines were written, we genuinely believed those words, but we were in a different place in the world. We didn’t know how powerful they really could be. But now we’re living them.

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We have one [new] song that’s pretty explicitly about that feeling of living up to who you have said you are. If we want to be the house on the hill for those fans that we’ve sold ourselves as for years as The Ghost Inside – as this band that preach positivity and a message that you can get up and fight on from your lowest moment – are we going to live up to it? Or were we just full of shit?

Life can swing hard, but we will swing harder. And so can anyone.”

According to the publication mentioned above, tentative plans have the band releasing a new album next year, though nothing is yet set in stone. The Ghost Inside played their first live show since 2015 earlier this month. That set followed the years of recovery that followed a fatal bus crash the band were involved in back in November of 2015.

That accident claimed the lives of both their bus driver and the other vehicle and also left various members of the band with serious lingering injuries, including multiple amputations, bone breaks and more, the complications from which resulted in dozens of surgeries.