Poison The Well

Poison The Well’s Drummer Speaks Of The ‘Impossible’ Circumstances Preventing Them From Reuniting


In a scene rife with nostalgia where reunion tours have often found bands returning back to bigger audiences and paychecks, Poison The Well have remained fairly quiet. The group did come back for a string of shows in 2015/2016, but have been largely inactive since their 2010 hiatus.

In a new interview with Lambgoat (see below,) the band’s drummer Chris Hornbrook expressed that he would love to create new music with the band, but he also laid out the various life complexities that currently stand in the way of the group getting back together for any considerable length of time:

“When the band stopped, everybody kind of went their separate ways. We all remained in contact, we’re all friends, it’s like… brothers. And it seems to me that getting everybody back in the same room on the same page with a unified vision has been near impossible. And everybody else has other jobs. Our singer, Jeffrey [Moreira], owns a company and he’s really focused on that. I’m on tour and working with different people.

Our guitar player, Ryan [Primack], is a production manager and has done a ton of production stuff with touring bands in Los Angeles and New York. So I feel like we’re very much an all or nothing band, and because of that it’s been really difficult to get everybody in the same room and throw riffs around, and everybody be like, ‘this is awesome’, and build stuff.

We’ve toyed around with it a little bit here and there, nothing that’s been concrete, and what’s come out of it has been really interesting and cool, but to just get everbody to be like, ‘yeah, this is cool, this is what we want to do, and we as a whole feel really good about it’ is just like, impossible…

That’s really honestly what it is, getting everybody on the same page. It’s just really difficult because life happens. People get into relationships, family members die, etc. It seems like when we’re kind of getting close to that happening, something mysteriously gets in the way.

I’m not saying it’s out of the question in terms of Poison The Well releasing any music. I don’t know under what… I don’t know how, because it just seems impossible, but I never rule it out. I mean, I would love to, particularly because I have an idea musically what I would want to do after stepping away from the band for such a long time and playing with other people and opening up my musical horizons.

I’m becoming more of an adult. I mean, Poison The Well ended when I was like 28-29; I’m 38 now and still continuing on the path and things are getting better and better, so I feel like I would have a little bit more to offer drumming wise and perspective wise, and just overall creative-wise…

We’ll see what happens.”

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