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Devin Townsend To Begin Performing Strapping Young Lad Songs Live Again Next Year


Devin Townsend has had a complicated relationship with his previous outfit Strapping Young Lad since disbanding the band over a decade ago. In a chat earlier this year Townsend reflected on pulling the plug on the band, explaining that at the time he felt that playing with them wasn’t “right”.

In a new interview on the ‘Everblack‘ podcast, it seems that Townsend has since reversed his plans to distance himself from the material of Strapping Young Lad and will be reintroducing it to his live shows during his 2020 touring.

He said of that:

“I’m doing a tour in November that’s gonna be a very selfish tour for me — a ton of people onstage, playing a bunch of stuff that I’ve wanted to play for years, a lot of improv, a lot of really interesting things.

But starting next year, I’m gonna be touring everything, and that includes the Strapping stuff. I’m gonna be doing what equates to… like, what’s a ‘best of’ what I’ve done over the past few years. Let’s make this live venture for me the best it can possibly be and learn from your past and come back out.”

It seems you can credit the upcoming return to his heavier past to his tastes once again swaying to metal again, as he told the aforementioned podcast:

“I think there’s a lot of musicians that fall away from metal. But I kind of fell back in love with it recently. But in no way does that mean that it’s taking over.

It’s a big part of what I do and it’s a big part of who I am, and I think I’ve denied that for a certain amount of time. But it’s everything, man. It’s like ‘Empath‘ was for me — the metal part of it is just as big a part of my trip as the mellow part of it. It’s not one over the other; it’s just who I am.

I don’t wanna get rid of [the metal side of my music.] I love it. It has to play ball with the other stuff, and that stuff has to play ball with the other stuff. It’s healthy for me to recognize that it’s a part of my nature as opposed to denying it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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