Trolls World Tour

There’s Some Ozzy Osbourne Music To Be Found In The First Trailer For ‘Trolls World Tour’


A trailer has now been released for the ‘Trolls World Tour‘ film which is set to premiere in April of next year, you can see it below. The film finds a tribe of hard rock and metal loving trolls attempting to take over all the other lands in order to make rock the dominant form of music. Due in April, the feature finds Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake reprising their roles as ‘Poppy’ and ‘Branch’.

More notable to the readers of this site though is the casting of Ozzy Osbourne as the voice of ‘King Thrash’, father of Queen Barb, the latter of whom who wants to destroy the other genres in favor of rock music and is featured in the trailer playing Osbourne‘s “Crazy Train“. Other musicians also their voices to the various other musical tribes of trolls in the film, including Chance The Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, George Clinton and more.

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