Mike Patton

Mike Patton Speaks On Ipecac Recordings’ 20 Profitable Years


CNBC have posted a profile on Ipecac Recordings, the label founded back in 1999 by Faith No More, etc. frontman Mike Patton and Greg Werckman. Among the numerous things revealed about the inner workings of the label are that it has four employees total and that it has continued to turn a profit each year since being founded.

It’s also stated that the label utilize a business model that keeps recording, etc. budgets/advances quite low, instead rewarding artists later on with higher royalty rates. As such, album’s that have sold a mere few thousand copies have managed to turn a profit.

In addition to granting the artists nearly unlimited creative freedom, Patton and Werckman partake in licensing deals with their signings rather than long-term arrangements. Patton said of that:

“At any moment, any of our bands can take their records and leave. Likewise, at any moment, we can stop selling our records.”

Though the label have accumulated a prolific back catalogue over the years, perhaps their most high profile release was Faith No More‘s 2015 comeback album “Sol Invictus“. Patton touches upon the stresses of being a member of both the band and the label behind it in the profile. You can read that in full over at

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