Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Accused Of Assaulting Man At A Hotel


German media outlets are reporting that Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann has been accused of assaulting an unidentified 54-year-old man at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, Germany this past Saturday, June 08th.

Bild report that the altercation apparently came about after the man approached Lindemann and his female companion, telling her “I would pay double for you.”

When Lindermann confronted the man about implying that she was a prostitute, the man is said to have clenched his fists and attempted to direct Lindermann outside to fight. That’s apparently when Lindemann struck him in the face with an elbow, leaving him with a bloodied nose and other potential injuries.

Police confirmed an incident took place and witnesses have come forward, though it is unclear if any charges will be pressed.