Korn's Brian "Head" Welch With Mike Huckabee

Watch Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Jam “Blind” With Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee


Korn have a somewhat unique history when it comes to political figures. What other pioneering nĂ¼ metal band can say they were publicly mentioned by then U.S. President Barack Obama? Adding to that list of unexpected interactions (of sorts) with politicians is Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, who was a recent guest on ‘Huckabee‘, the weekly news and talk show hosted by divisive former Arkansas governor, conservative political commentator, Christian minister, etc. Mike Huckabee.

During his appearance Welch promoted his documentary film ‘Loud Krazy Love‘ with his daughter Jennea, but more bizarrely also jammed Korn‘s “Blind” with Huckabee on bass. Footage of both the interview and jam session can be found below. ‘Loud Krazy Love‘ will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, etc. on June 18th.

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