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Frontman Cory Brandan On Norma Jean’s New Album: “I’ve Never Heard Norma Jean Like This”


Norma Jean frontman Cory Brandan guests on the latest episode of the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ and during the conversation he discusses where the band are headed with their eighth studio album. The group wrapped up sessions for that outing earlier this year with producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, Body Count) helming them. Speaking of their more recent output and where this album takes them, he offered:

“That was a definitely a record [‘Polar Similar‘] where we felt like we ended a trilogy. In the sense that ‘Meridional‘, ‘Wrongdoers‘ and ending with ‘Polar Similar‘. So now where I think we are was, how do we just switch it up and just really go for something totally off the wall, without losing our self?

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‘Cause I’ve seen a lot of bands go in a completely different direction before, and sometimes it turns out to be insane. Hopesfall did that and it was great. For us it’s a little different, where we like to take all the elements that we liked from previous things and put it into the new thing.

With the new record, it’s definitely kind of a… We started with a lot of ‘I don’t knows’ and by the time we finished it we were blown away on our own, and then just going to Will, and recording in a completely different way. I’ve never heard Norma Jean like this.

It’s new territory for sure, but I’m pretty pumped on it.”

According to Brandan, mixing for the effort was still taking place at the time of the interview. When asked about his other project Hundred Suns, which also features alumni of Every Time I Die and Dead & Divine, he gave the following update:

“Oh we are broke and in debt. We live in different countries, and it’s so hard to do anything. It sucks, cause we talk everyday, and we talk about how we wish we could be closer to play a show. So we are trying to do that still. We are trying to play some music and get out of debt, and we are also writing. So I’ve already demoed a couple of things and it sounds really cool.

That’s just been a passion project from the beginning and again, me and Chris have been friends for a long time. We wanted to work with each other. For us it’s just a way to do that and make it cool, and make our own thing from the way beginning that we created. So that’s kind of a fun thing I guess you could say. I would do that a lot more if I could.”

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